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Our Speech, Language and Hearing Clinic offers two types of services. In our Specialist Clinic, our clinical supervisors, who are experienced speech therapists themselves, are the service provider. These supervisors include Ms. Winnie Cheung, Ms. Ada Chu and Ms. Carmela Tin. They provide services to a few individuals in our clinic facilities, as well as give professional consultations to external organizations by request all year round. In the following paragraphs, their background and clinical expertise are described.



BSc (Hons) Speech and Hearing Sciences
MA (Chinese Linguistics)
MPhil (Speech and Hearing Sciences)


Winnie was a graduate of the Division. She has been worked as a speech therapist in Hong Kong for more than 18 years in both paediatrics and adult settings. She is specialized in communication rehabilitation for clients with hearing impairment, autistic spectrum disorders (ASD), and cerebral palsy.
She has a special interest in developing social communication training programmes for preschool children with ASD and early literacy programmes for enhancing children’s preliteracy skills. In the recent years, she participated actively in services that support the management of communication problems in school-age children and feeding problems in elderly clients with multiple disabilities.

Cheung, K.Y., Leung, M.T., and McPherson, B. (2013). Reading Strategies of Chinese Students with Severe to Profound Hearing Loss, Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education, 18(3), 312-328.doi.: 10.1093/deafed/ent013.
張嘉恩, 馮春好, 鄭韻怡, 忻嘉俐, 黎鄭東玲 (2010). 打好語文基礎必勝秘笈1. 香港耀能協會 [Cheung, K.Y., Fung C. H., Cheng, W. Y., Yan K.L., Lai Cheng, D. L. (2010). Early Literacy Program 1. Hong Kong: SAHK.]
孫慧敏, 馮春好, 鄭韻怡, 忻嘉俐, 黎鄭東玲, 張嘉恩 (2010). 打好語文基礎必勝秘笈2.香港耀能協會 [Sun, W.M., Fung C. H., Cheng, W. Y., Yan, K.L., Lai, Cheng, D. L., & Cheung, K. Y. (2010). Early Literacy Program 2. Hong Kong: SAHK. ]
張嘉恩, 吳玉薇 (2000). 訓練自閉症幼兒之視覺策略運用手冊. 香港痙攣協會 [Cheung, K.Y. & Ng, Y. M. (2000). Visual Strategies for ASD preschool children. Hong Kong: SAHK.]

Conference Presentations
Cheung, K.Y. (2009). Early Literacy Intervention Program in Special Child Care Center. Poster presented at the International Conference on Reading and Writing: Updates on Managing Dyslexia, Hong Kong.

Cheung, K.Y., Leung, M.T., McPherson, B. (2009). Is the Phonological Mediation Hypothesis applicable in Cantonese speaking students with hearing impairment? Poster presented at the International Conference on Reading and Writing: Updates on Managing Dyslexia, Hong Kong



BSc (Hons) Speech and Hearing Sciences (HKU)
MDiv (Westminster Theological Seminary)
Certified Provider of the Deep Pharyngeal Neuromuscular Stimulation (DPNS) for Dysphagia Management
Certified Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES-Guardian Way) Provider for Dysphagia management of Adult and Paediatric population
Qualified User of the Hong Kong Graded Character Naming Test (HKGCNT)
Qualified User of the Main Concept Analysis (MCA)for Oral Discourse Analysis
TalkTools Oral Placement Therapy Level 1 & 2
Qualified Examiner of The Hong Kong Cantonese Oral Language Assessment Scale (HKCOLAS)
Member of the Hong Kong Association of Speech Therapists (HKAST)

Ada was a graduate of the Division. Ada has a wide range of clinical experience working with children with speech, language and swallowing difficulties, adult and geriatric population with communication and swallowing disorders due to neurogenic or structural origin.

Ada is specialized in the assessment and management of adult neurogenic dysphagia. She is interested in the development of programs and protocols for enhancing dysphagia care in elderly homes and geriatric day care institutions. Ada has provided many talks and education workshops to caregivers of dysphagia patients to enhance awareness and quality care for this patient population.


Bachelor of Science (Hons) Speech and Hearing Sciences (2005)

Master of Education (Inclusive and Special Education) (2010)


Carmela was a graduate of the Division. She has been practicing as a speech therapist working with preschool children and school children in special schools. Carmela’s expertise is in children with developmental disabilities, particularly children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and intellectual disabilities. In 2010, she obtained her Master degree in Inclusive and Special Education in the University of Hong Kong. This qualification complemented her clinical practice in the special school setting.

Carmela is interested in the development of treatment materials for children in the local context. She is now serving as a honorary consultant for S.K.H. Welfare Council. She was a key member of the production team in the development of the training tools for children with autism spectrum disorders in Non-Governmental Organizations in Hong Kong and successfully published a training programme of Theory of Mind skills for children with ASD (想法解讀教導自閉症兒童認識及處理情緒教材套II至IV冊) and an electronic Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) system (匡智溝通易IOS應用程式) for children in special schools. 

Public Presentations
Guest speaker on the training kit:  想法解讀 (II) / (III) 教導自閉症兒童認識及處理情緒 – 教育界同工及家長公開發佈會 (2010-2012).

Guest speaker on the topic: Training Theory of Mind (extension) to students in mild grade special school and mainstream schools, organized by the Hong Kong Institute of Education and Education Bureau, HKSAR (2008)