The Division of Speech and Hearing Sciences was established in the Faculty of Education in July 1988. It was set up by the University principally to provide locally-educated speech therapists who are Cantonese speakers and so give Hong Kong improved speech and language therapy services. (Until the first graduates completed their course in 1992, speech therapists practising in Hong Kong qualified overseas.) Although the medium of teaching is English (as throughout the University), the Division has devoted considerable efforts to developing assessment and remediation materials for Cantonese speakers.

With an annual intake of 40-plus undergraduates, the Division of Speech and Hearing Sciences teaches a four-year (HKALE cohort) and five-year (HKDSE cohort) Bachelor of Science degree with Honours in Speech and Hearing Sciences which affords an internationally recognized professional qualification.

The excellence of our program can be exemplified by the following excerpts from previous external examiners’ reports:

  “…The overall academic standards of the Bachelor of Science Program…appear to be of equivalent rigor when compared to the very best programs within the United States and Australia… This bachelor’s degree programme presents a number of excellent characteristics in its implementation. Several of the attributes are outstanding and set this programme above most programmes in the US…”
(Professor Malcolm R. McNeil, University of Pittsburgh)
(2011-2012 External Examiner’s Report)
  “…Clearly most staff are very dedicated and provide excellent high quality assessment feedback to students…The level of English attained by students whose first language is not English is also to be commended. HKU has a niche in speech pathology programs. Graduates are bilingual, often multilingual, with a strong understanding of both Western and Eastern culture. Cultural awareness and sensitivity are very desirable attributes in health professionals and HKU graduates are in a prime position to be leaders in this area…”
(Professor Linda E. Worrall, The University of Queensland)
(2010-2011 External Examiner’s Report)
  “…I congratulate the team on developing this innovative PBL [Problem-Based Learning] programme and ensuring that students engage in an exciting range of academically challenging and professionally relevant learning experiences. The organisation and quality assurance mechanism are exemplary throughout the programme. I regard the performance of students in terms of the standard and quality of their work, to be at least comparable to that attained by students on similar undergraduate courses in the UK. Furthermore, the best students in level 4 demonstrate work comparable to Masters level…”
(Professor Fiona Gibbon, Queen Margaret University)
(2007-2008 External Examiner’s Report)